Do you know anyone who is always hiding from the camera or behind it? Chances are it’s a woman. She always has some excuse to dodge the camera, ‘too fat / too thin / gotta lose a few kilos / I always look odd in photos”. I’ve even heard, “I might break the camera”, said with a nervous laugh. As if!!!

What we don’t realise is that in the blink of an eye, we could be gone. And our kids will look for photos of us, and perhaps, sadly, won’t find any.

Yes, we will leave behind a legacy in the form of our nurture and career and contribution, but will our families have beautiful photos of our authentic self to remember us by? If not, that will be a irreversible, irrecoverable loss for them.

A legacy portrait session is really a pamper session. After being warmly welcomed and plied with snacks, she gets a hand massage (to soothe away any anxiety), then a full hair and makeup session follows (to make her feel pampered and special). Followed by a fully guided photo-shoot with several outfit changes (to suit every mood). It can stretch on for hours because so much fun is had by all.

She then gets beautiful heirloom portraits that have captured her inner beauty that she can hang on her walls to remind her daily of how beautiful and treasured she is. And, of course, pass on as a legacy.