Make your pet’s larger-than-life personality LIVE FOREVER in beautiful portraits. Capture your pet’s soulful nature and pure energy in these timeless treasures that will live on long after they are gone. You know their spirit stays on with us but why not have photos to remind you that they are indeed always with us.


Pet shoots take place in my Upper Hutt studio and typically take about an hour to an hour and half depending on how soon your pet settles and is ready to have their photo taken. It’s a good idea to bring its toys / blankets or any thing else that might make it more comfortable. After all, the studio, with the lights and a stranger might be intimidating for your pet.

Once the shoot is done, the images will be downloaded onto my laptop, I’ll pick out the best ones and show them to you, typically around 50-60. Once you’ve selected your favourites, I’ll lightly retouch them and send them to you (for digital selections) or send them to the lab (for printed products). You can then pick up your products once they arrive. And enjoy them forever.

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