Contemporary Portraiture
that captures your inner beauty and essence
Legacy Portraits
that live on and on and on .....
Family portraiture
because family is forever ....
Kids Portraiture
because childhood never lasts .....
Personal Branding photography
images that make you stand out from the crowd
Personal Branding photography
images that capture your authenticity and brand
Intimate Portraiture
feminine, sensual, liberating

I am a Wellington based portrait photographer, and helping my clients see their inner beauty is my passion.

I decided to specialise in portraiture because, growing up, there always were family portraits on the wall which, I guess gave us a sense of connection and belonging. And of special significance was my grandfather’s portrait. He was gone long before I was born but my father would tell us stories about him. Through these stories and his photo on the wall, I was able to form a bond with him that exists even today. He is a living presence in my life. However, I don’t know what my grandma looks like because till date I haven’t been able to locate a photo of hers. A void that will never be filled.

It became my mission to create, for posterity, beautiful portraits of people (especially women) and their families, so that they can not only be a constant reminder of family bonds but also cherished by future generations after they are gone. This became my ‘why’ to become a portrait photographer.

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