Contemporary Portraiture
that captures your inner beauty and essence
Legacy Portraits
that live on and on and on .....
Family portraiture
because family is forever ....
Kids Portraiture
because childhood never lasts .....
Personal Branding photography
images that make you stand out from the crowd
Personal Branding photography
images that capture your authenticity and brand
Fitness photography
if you've got it, you got to flaunt it!
Intimate Portraiture
feminine, sensual, liberating
Hours of fun

I am Jolly Jacob, your friendly neighbourhood portrait photographer.

I enjoy shooting people (sounds corny, right?) but the result is quite the opposite. It immortalises people. Imagine 30, 50, even 100 years from now, your grandkids or their kids are holding photos of you taken now. Forever remembered! Forever treasured!

I have the coolest job. I make people look and feel beautiful, then take photos of their inner beauty and light and I then create heirlooms.

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