You have decided to book a shoot for yourself or for a dear one … congratulations! Let me assure you, you are in for a fun time.

How it works

This is how a glamour / legacy shoot begins –

– A hand massage with an aromatic oil appropriately called ‘Unwind’ (ah! sweet relaxation!)
– Hair and makeup to bring out your best features (which girl doesn’t like to be pampered?)
– A selection of lovely gowns to choose from (from vintage princessy to modern chic).
– And accessories to match your clothes and mood (bring on the jewels, said the queen 🙂 ).

And then,
once you are feeling relaxed and pampered, I then take you on a guided photoshoot which is designed to bring out your most beautiful and authentic self resulting in photos that are timeless and precious.

a week or two later, you will come in for the photo reveal, where you will be presented with your beautifully professionally retouched images. You can then choose as many or as few images as you like. You only buy the ones you absolutely love.

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Send me a note

Please send me your details so that I can set up our pre-shoot consultation.

Please select which session you would like to book
Please state your preference for the day of the week.
Anything else you would like to add
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