Joy Studio - Tracey's story

I would love to hear your story? What are the experiences that shaped who you are today?

Growing up I had a difficult childhood, but I think this made me stronger, more determined, resourceful with strong will power.

Tell about the time in your life when you felt the most powerful?

Using my creative skills working at Weta Workshops and being around so many talented and like-minded artists

Joy Studio - Tracey's story

What is your inner attribute that you like the most?

My scarily strong will power.  I can set a goal and stick with it.  Many people have commented on this over my life time.

Are you at ease with your own body and age?

I can finally say at 53 that I am happy with my mind, my body and my soul.  Its just a shame it took this long for me to feel this way.

What would you try to do if you felt that you couldn’t fail?

I have no idea!

What words of wisdom, based on your personal experience, would you like to share with others who struggle to see their own inner light and inner power?

Don’t look to others to fulfil this.  Do things that make you feel happy and good, like this photo shoot!

Joy Studio - Tracey's story

What do you do to let your hair down or as a self-care ritual?

I take a long hot bath or relax in my sauna and listen to all my favourite songs and of course sing along.

Who are the women that you find inspiring and have influenced you in some way?

My Aunty.  When I was a young teenager she took me out to art galleries and museums and other places, it opened my mind up to other possibilities.

Why are beautiful photos of yourself important to you now?

Because and I have never ever felt beautiful, in fact right up to the photo shoot I thought I looked ok, but after the photo shoot, what a difference, I now see what everyone else sees.  Not sure why it took a photo shoot to see it, but I guess being all glammed up, which I very rarely do, made me see myself in a better light.  I will be wearing makeup more often and I am looking at buying curling tongs so I can do my hair like the photos.

Joy Studio - Tracey's story