Joy Studio - Sue's story

I would love to hear your story? What are the experiences that shaped who you are today?

As a child I had 2 older brothers who I just wanted to hang out with but was always told I could not do things, usually because I was a girl. I never accepted this as a reason why I couldn’t or shouldn’t do things. It was always frustrating as a kid but as I grew older it shaped me into someone who doesn’t see being a female as a hindrance or stopped me doing things. 

What is your inner attribute that you like the most?

I give most things a go and I am at my best when I am finding interesting solutions to curly problems. 

Are you at ease with your own body and age?

I’ve finally accepted all my curves they are part of who I am and where I’ve come from. I’ve never really had an issue with my body, it is the package I was born in and is me. 

What would you try to do if you felt that you couldn’t fail?

I don’t think about failure just how to get things done. 

Research shows that a lot of women want to know that the work they do is significant, meaningful and embodies their highest potential. What do you think?

The work we do as a Mum and wife is important. We may not be paid but the home just wouldn’t work if those other things were not done. 

When the children were young and I was home looking after them and the rest of the household stuff I sometimes felt I could contribute more, especially when finances were tight, but this didn’t make me feel inadequate but more that I could earn some money to make financial things easier. 

My husband has always been supportive of things I wanted to do especially when the children grew up and needed me less. 

Joy Studio - Sue's story

What words of wisdom, based on your personal experience, would you like to share with others who struggle to see their own inner light and inner power?

You are you. There are things you can change and things you can’t. Spend the time on the things you can change and accept the things you can’t. 

We all come with a different wrapper look after the things inside.

What do you do to let your hair down or as a self-care ritual?

I play sport. When I was younger it was hockey and took up lawn bowls in my mid 30s which is far easier on my body. Through sport I get to meet people and keep active, it gets me out on those days where you’d rather stay in bed. When participating only the game is in my head and nothing else so I get to escape the other stresses in my life. 

Who are the women that you find inspiring and have influenced you in some way?

My Mum. My daughter, Helen Clark, Jacinda Adern, there are plenty of other people around me that are inspiring for different things. Not all are famous or high profile. 

Why are beautiful photos of yourself important to you now?

It’s nice to have a great photo as a memory. I don’t often look at myself and I am often on the other side of the camera. 

Joy Studio - Sue's story