Rochelle’s story in her words.

Rochelles story

What are the experiences that shaped who you are today?

Recently being diagnosed properly with severe generalised anxiety disorder. Something that I have had my entire life and tried to hide. Despite this I have celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary and we have an 8 year old son.

Tell about the time in your life when you felt the most powerful?

When I tuned into my spiritual capabilities.

What is your inner attribute that you like the most?

A huge heart.

What words of wisdom, based on your personal experience, would you like to share with others who struggle to see their own worth?

Closing your eyes and looking deep inside your own core of existence, can only lead to love.

Are you at ease with your own body and age?


What would you try to do if you felt that you couldn’t fail?

Help everyone else that suffers anxiety or depression.

Research shows that women want to know that the work they do is significant, meaningful and embodies their highest potential. What do you think?

I think no one should rely on someone else telling them what they do is those things. You should be proud and know it within yourself.

Rochelles story

Who are the women that you find inspiring and have influenced you in some way?

I saw a doco/movie when I was a teen on Joan of Arc. I remember being fascinated with her bravery and strength. Physically and mentally. Also my mum and female lineage.

When was the last time you invested in yourself? What do you do to let your hair down?

If I go to spotlight and get armfuls if supplies to create my own one-off garments.

Why are beautiful photos important for you right now?

I have reached a place where I love who I am spiritually but am struggling with the physically or visually.

Editor’s note : Even though Rochelle shared that she suffers from anxiety, I found her quite cool and collected when she came for her shoot.

Soft, gentle and photogenic, she was a breeze to photograph.

Rochelles story

She has a special dress that she made herself into which she has incorporated doilies and other pieces of fabric that she found in her grand-parents house. It’s a beautiful dress and when she put it on, it must have been her fond recollections of her grand-parents and her pride in her craftmanship, she had a special glow. She wore it with pride and tenderness.

It was clear that Rochelle gains a lot of strength and calmness from her spiritual practices. I dearly hope that she will one day follow her dream of helping everyone who suffers from anxiety and depression using these spiritual practices that have helped her so much.

Here’s raising a toast to your dreams, Rochelle!

Rochelles story