Silver Shero Suzie
Silver Shero Suzie

Suzie has been a night shift nurse for more than 34 years and married to her school sweet heart for more than 34 years. Having raised 2 grown up successful children is no mean accomplishment. She wear many hats – daughter, sister, mother, nurse, dog cat lover, crafts-person and friend to some amazing people.

Words of wisdom, based on her personal experience that she would like to share with others are –

Enjoy where you are at with the people around you, but also enjoy yourself. Enjoy being you.

By appreciating having time with those you love. Have fun being who you are – warts and all! Is what she thinks makes her a uniquely powerful woman.

She came for a photo shoot because she wondered if she could look beautiful like some of the portraits she sees of others.

I believe she looks elegant, graceful AND beautiful.