Silver shero Sarah
Silver shero Sarah

Sarah’s story in her words

I feel I am the strength in my family. I have lost both my parents and my 16 year old son was extremely ill with ulcerative colitis this year and had to have his large bowel removed. I am the go-to person in my family and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I gave up my job when my son was sick as he is having the year off school.

What words of wisdom, based on your personal experience, would you like to share with others who struggle to see their own inner light and inner power? 

Never ever give up. Sometimes triumph lies just a few steps ahead but if you give up you won’t find success as it lies waiting. Try and find something that can bring you joy! That helps you get through the difficult times.

How does being the woman you are today make you uniquely powerful? 

I am me! I am wise. I know stuff from life experience!

Silver shero Sarah

Why are beautiful photos of yourself important to you now? 

I am middle aged and feel invisible. My body has changed shape. I ask myself ‘am I beautiful?’ because I do not feel it! I try and wear nice clothes and put makeup and a smile on everyday!

Editor’s Note :

I think I would agree with Sarah and say ‘she’s as cool as a cuke!’ When her son was diagnosed with the illness, she didn’t crumble and fall apart, she just went ahead and decided to tackle the issue not with any fuss or drama but lots of poise and a level-head instead. Because of her attitude, her son also took the whole episode in his stride without getting dejected or giving up. For a 16-year old to give up a year of school and see his friends progress with their studies would have been hard. But he maintains his positive outlook because Sarah ensures that he stays that way by creating an atmosphere where he feels supported and encouraged even if it meant giving up her job and staying at home to be his care-giver.

She is the glue of the family, the go-to person for solving problems, and her upbeat, uplifting, giving personality was apparent all through the photo session and when I met her afterwards as well.

Here’s to toasting the poise, perseverance and peppiness of this week’s Silver Shero Sarah.

Silver shero Sarah