Silver Shero Annie’s story
Silver Shero Annie’s story

Let’s explore her life and soul

I am a wife, a mother, a sole trader style consultant who has gone through a long term experience of depression, and a stroke last year.

Any personal struggles?

I’ve had marriage ups and downs and have navigated through infidelity, periods of sole parenting times, and the death of 2 parents, one from cancer and one from dementia.

What is your business story?

I’ve worked in my own small business for 20+ years firstly as a dressmaker designer (with a diploma in fashion and textile design), alterationist and pattern maker and later retrained as a style consultant, then advanced training in the US as an executive image consultant. Recently, I also did life coaching training.  I have been stylist and MC for local fundraising fashion parades. Also done retail work, tailored for the defence force and was a hostess for a bus company who ran ‘Out and About’ tours for the over 65s.

 I was a toastmaster for 7 years.

 And I design and make costumes for local theatre group productions.

 I have recently added making bespoke one off dog coats to my business.

Any personal milestones?

This year is a year of personal development for me after a year of recovery from a stroke, my mother’s death and the loss of a job.

What words of wisdom, based on your personal experience, would you like to share with others who struggle to see their own inner light and inner power?

I grew into the best version of myself by becoming my own best friend and learning to use loving and supportive language to talk to myself positively rather than perpetuating the negative messages I had picked up and believed for so many years. I stopped beating myself up for every perceived flaw I felt weighed down by and learnt to see my own value and beauty that makes me unique and worthy. This is a message I love to share with others. We are all capable of so much more than we think we are, we don’t have to limit ourselves because some of the messages we have heard and believed for so long have been critical and negative. I believe strongly in patting myself on the back for my achievements. And I love living in gratitude and appreciation for all the good things life offers even during the worst of times.

How does being the woman you are today make you uniquely powerful?

I have been able to learn and grow from the many experiences I have been through, and the wise mentors and educators I have been blessed to work with, to become the best version of myself. I have become someone who knows I am here for a reason and a purpose and who is stepping into this period of my life with the confidence and belief that I have something to offer those who would benefit from my skill and expertise. This next phase is about me stepping fully into my purpose with passion and clarity.

Why are beautiful photos of yourself important to you now?

It would be a great way to showcase my year of personal development and celebrate the changes that have occurred during the last year of significant life events.

Editor’s Note :

Annie is an absolute joy to be with. She just fills the room with her upbeat energy. I am super impressed by the fact that when she was having a stroke, she got into her car and actually drove herself into the hospital Emergency department. She survived and went through a complete rehabilitation with no diminishment to her faculties because she got to the hospital within minutes. Such presence of mind and mental strength is rare. In spite of the various challenges in life that she shared with me, she is still so full of positivity, kindness and good spirits. And behind that million-dollar smile is a woman of power, passion and creativity.

Possessing a sunny disposition that no bad weather can dull, Annie is truly a Silver Shero. An inspiration to all!

Silver Shero Annie's story
Silver Shero Annie’s story